22 September 2006

Navy Aircraft Purchase Plans

The long term aircraft purchase plans of the U.S. Navy are discussed here.

The plan:

Fixed wing aircraft:
P-8A patrol aircraft: 37
E-2D Hawkeye aircraft (AWACS): 21 (3 in FY-08)
KC-130J (tanker): 4 in FY-08
T-6A/B (trainer): 44 in FY-08
F-35B (Marine): 0 in FY-08, 91 in FY-09 to FY-13
F-18s and EA-18Gs: 42 in FY-08, none thereafter
F-35C (Navy): 0 in FY-08, 45 in FY-09 to FY-13

Helicopters and Dual Mode:
VH-71 Presidential helicopter (Marines): 3 in FY-08
AH-1/UH-1 helicopters: 15 in FY-08, 20 in FY-09, 24 each in FY-10 to FY-13
V-22 Osprey (Marines): 21 in FY-08, 30 per year FY-09 to FY-13
CH-53K (Marine) Helicopter: unclear, 6 in FY-13
MH-60S helicopters 18 per year from FY-08 to FY-13
MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned drones: 39 (3 in FY-08)

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