12 September 2006

Why Does Tancredo Love The C.S.A.?

Congressman Tancredo from the 6th Congressional District swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America when he took office. Apparently, he got confused along the way, into thinking it was the Confederate States of America and not the United States whose constitution he was sworn to uphold.

Here's how he spent yesterday in South Carolina:

Dressed casually in a yellow t-shirt, Tancredo addressed the standing-room audience of 200-250 from behind a podium draped in a Confederate battle flag. To the congressman's right, a portrait of Robert E. Lee peered out at the crowd of Minutemen activists, local politicians, and red-shirted members of LOS and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The Confederate trappings of the event found a mismatch in Tancredo's standard nativist polemic, which stayed clear of references to Southern heritage or direct plaudits for the LOS, a Southern white nationalist organization dedicated to "Southern independence, complete, full, and total."

My source does not disclose if Tancredo thinks that citizens of the Confederate State of America should be kept out of Colorado by the the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration Control and Enforcement officers.