01 October 2007

Ukraine Election Results II

With 84.08% of the votes counted, according to the central election agency, the September 30, 2007 Ukrainian parliamentary election results are as follows:

Orange Parties (pro-Western)
Yulia Tymoshenko Electoral Bloc 31.72%
Our Ukraine–People's Self-Defense Bloc 14.84%
Subtotal 46.56%

Current Ruling Party (pro-Russia)
Party of Regions 32.82%
Communist Party 5.26%
Subtotal 38.08%

Minor Moderate Parties
Lytvyn's Bloc 4.00%
Socialist Party of Ukraine 3.05%
Subtotal 7.05%

Divisor for allocating 450 seats: 91.63%

No Representation in Paraliment
Other parties 5.65% (no seats due to less than 3% showing)
Against all 2.66%

UPDATE: With 92% of the vote in, the Socialist Party is out of the running (closer to exit polls). This makes the Orange Party majority quite a bit more secure, eliminating the bargaining power of the Socialist Party of Ukraine and reducing the bargaining power of Lytvyn's Bloc. Both could have bargained for seats in the government in exchange for banishing any question about the election's legitimacy. But, the larger the Orange parties' margins of victory are, the less minor parties have to bargain with in the coalition forming process.

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