07 October 2007

Congrats Rockies.

I'm not usually a sports fan. I watch about one baseball game every couple of years, usually throw out the sports pages without reading them, and had to do considerable research to even figure out how the post-season in major league baseball is structured. I had to leave the last Rockies game I attended early, because my kids were tired, which was a pity, because it turned out to be a high scoring game (I detest the notion of "a perfect game" which translates for me into a maximally boring game).

But, today I'll make an exception. The first two games against the Phillies were the kind of games that you make movies out of, as was the end of season winning streak that won the Rockies a wild card slot in the post-season. Last night I tuned into KOA to listen to the Rockies achieve their best performance in franchise history, a feat for which they deserve kudos, particularly considering that they were one of three worst teams in major league baseball last year based upon their win-loss record. The kids were waving white flags and wearing a Rockies hat made out of newspaper in the living room last night.

As I understand it, all that stands between the Rockies and participation in the World Series right now is a series of games against the Arizona Razorbacks. This is a considerable hurdle, but, win or lose, the Rockies have broken a long streak of mediocrity and deserve credit for it. (The same can't be said for the Broncos who were utterly outclassed on the field today and have had prior glories as repeat Superbowl participants).

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Anonymous said...

It's the Diamondbacks, not the Razorbacks. The Razorbacks are the University of Arkansas. While I've been a Rockies fan since their inception, the bandwagon has room for you too. Check out the Rockies for dummies article in the Rocky Mountain News on October 3rd for all that you might have missed.