12 February 2008

Colorado History Museum Location Found

The Civic Center has been saved, for now, from the tulmult of becoming home to the Colorado History Musueum, which is slated to be replaced by a new state judicial building taking up the entire block of the current appellate court building and the Colorado History Museum. It won't be going far.

Denver is blessed with the wisdom to see parking lots as opportunities. The Colorado History Museum will be part of an infill development in a parking lot half a block to the South of the existing site, immediately to the East of the Denver Art Museum's new addition, and caddy corner from the central branch of the Denver Public Library. It will be a little more removed from Civic Center Park than it was, but not that much.

The proposed five story or so building will share space with a new parking garage to make up for the lost ground level spaces, and a new high rise office building twice as tall.


Anonymous said...

Not so fast. Word on the street is that the Save Civic Center Park folks have changed their name to Save Our Surface Parking Lots, and they will be protesting this latest decision. I'm sure their arguments this time will be as cogent as their arguments re: the park.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

More details and pictures are to be found here.