04 February 2008

Still Undecided?

Compare yourself to the candidates on economic and social issues to help you make your decision. FWIW, according to this measure, I am the spitting ideological image of Barack Obama.

I'm not convinced that the candidates are as far apart as they appear in the chart on the issues, or that it captures all of the important dimensions that go into a Presidential choice, but the graphic representation of the candidates against one's own views is a nice parlor game if you get bored on Super Tuesday waiting for the caucuses to start.

Incidentally, the ever inscrutible Google has declared Wash Park Prophet to be the number one result for "Super Tuesday Predictions," driving up traffic immensely, so welcome newcomers. For those who missed it, the Democratic Super Tuesday primary will be a virtual dead heat between Obama and Clinton when it comes to delegates, with Obama winning Colorado by a nose, according to the much better inform sources at Daily Kos and their data which I rely upon.

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Anonymous said...

I did a similar thing at Glassbooth. It's pretty superficial, but it does give the impression that the candidates are very close on the issues. Changing a "strongly support" to a "somewhat support" swapped the candidates' ranking in one case.