01 February 2008

Go Patriots!

My brother lives in Boston, so my unqualified endorsement in the race for Superbowl Champion in 2008 goes out to the undefeated Patriots who are chasing the first undefeated season since the Miami Dolphins in 1972.


Anonymous said...

I guess Arlen Specter is not a fan. Despite the unprecedented loss of a first-round draft pick and $750,000 in fines for a meaningless infraction, he mentions it in the same sentence as torture in Guantanamo. I almost understand the interest of Congress in MLB players on steroids and NBA refs. on the take, but this is ridiculous.

I don't see the Giants wining this game, but the spread is supposedly higher than it should be, because people perceive the Patriots as so dominant.

Anonymous said...

The Giants won, but I was with you in cheering on the Patriots. Oh well. NY clowns Beantown again. sigh.