06 February 2008

Give It Up Gravel.

You know your campaign is hopeless when two candidates widely known not to be running and not on the ballot, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson, get more votes than you do. Just one in 10,000 caucus goers in Colorado supported Mike Gravel, despite the fact that he was on the list of candidates in every precinct. I'm not aware of any state in which he was met threshold or even secured 1% support.


Seth said...

At a caucus a friend of mine attended last night, the caucus chair apparently asked for "Votes for Hillary," "Votes for Obama," "Votes for uncommitted," and then, with a laugh, an "Anybody want to vote for anyone else?"

Not exactly circumstances comfortable for supporters of less popular candidates.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

There are less popular candidates, and then there are people who suffer from illusions of grandeur who have lost touch with reality. Mike Gravel is in the latter category. It is hard to respect someone like that.