12 February 2008

Denver Post Offers Junk Headline

Normally, I am not a big one to pursue media bias. But, I'm ready to agree when the Denver Post runs a headline that reads "Ritter's climate plan dubbed 'junk science'" parrotting Rep. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, who himself is taking the junk science position that (in the Post's description of his position) "it has not been settled scientifically that manmade carbon-dioxide emissions contribute to global warming."

Hello Denver Post and other Associated Press clones. In public debates various parties have their publicly expressed opinions, but there is also something out there called the factual truth, and your are betraying our trust when you fail to call out, and indeed, when you fail to mock, science deniers like Lundberg. Giving their statements the credibility of a headline is irresponsible reporting.

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