03 March 2008

Consumer Choice Affirmation

While it doesn't really matter, it is always pleasing to find that Consumer Reports has just rated the vehicle that you recently purchased to be the best in its class (the Hyundai Sante Fe in the mid-sized SUV class), that you previous vehicle was also the best in its class (the Honda Accord in the family sedan class), and that two of the other finalists in your recent purchasing decision (the Toyota RAV4 in the small SUV class and the Toyota Sienna in the minivan class) also received best in their class ratings.

Of course, since Consumer Reports was one of the many sources I consulted in making my purchasing decisions now and when I bought my last car, this is hardly stunning.


Anonymous said...


But, those rice and kimchee burners are so boring.

Having owned an Honda Accord, I think it is a great reliable boring car.

Planning to own an Audi A3. Way more fun. Not as much fun as the BMW Z3 that I am selling, but much better in the snow.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Boring is my name and my game when it comes to familymobiles.