10 March 2008

Spitzer's Bimbogate

Governor Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, has has apologized. For what? The apology doesn't explain, but it is for getting caught on a federal wiretap arranging for a high priced hooker for himself in D.C., in connection with a federal prostitution ring bust.

We don't know if he will resign. The apology leaves wiggle room on that point. Spitzer made a name for himself as New York State attorney general by taking on the financial industry when the SEC failed to act decisively to address industry scandals after the 2001 tech bust. Spitzer was widely discussed as a potential VP candidate or cabinet member for either a Clinton or Obama administration. Those options and seeking re-election are likely impossible now for Spitzer.

Criminal case prosects probably in some sort of plea bargain look bleak, but not necessarily serious in terms of criminal sentence (soliciting a prostitute is a petty offense in Colorado); then again Paschal beat a rap in Jefferson County despite a wiretap purportedly catching him extorting a kickback and got a hung jury on a second count, so maybe Spitzer should seek out Paschal's lawyer.

Similar charges (I'm not clear if it was or was not a related prostitution ring) have or threaten to ensnare a number of prominent Colorado figures.

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