10 March 2008

Unofficial Denver Legislative Race News

The Denver Democrats held their county assembly/convention this weekend. This put candidates on the ballot in House Districts and Senate Districts entirely within Denver, it sent delegates to multi-county assemblies in multi-county districts. The unofficial results from the Denver Dems website are as follows:

The following Districts are completely within Denver so these people were placed on the primary ballot. Candidates needed to receive 30% of the vote at their assembly to be on the ballot. Only the successful candidates are listed.

Judicial District 2:
Mitch Morrissey uncontested

House District 2:
Mark Ferrandino 82%

House District 4:
Jerry Frangas 100%

House District 5:
Joel Judd 70%
Lauren Montez 30%

House District 7:
Terrance Carroll 90%

House District 8:
Benth McCann 35%
Matt Bergles 33%
Cindy Lowery 32%

Senate District 33:
Peter Groff uncontested

The Districts that Denver shares with other counties elected delegates to multi-county assemblies hich will take place during the next week:

House District 1:
Jeanne Labuda uncontested

House District 3:
Anne McGihon uncontested

House District 6: Delegates:
Liz Adams 41.19% 70
Lois Court 33.33% 56
Tom Russell 25.47% 43

House Distirct 9: Delegates:
Joe Miklosi 55% 43
Paul Rosenthal 45% 36

Senate District 31:
Jennifer Veiga uncontested

Senate District 35: Delegates:
Joyce Foster 70% 113
Alice Borodkin 30% 48

Contested House District 6, while multi-county, is roughly 2% Arapahoe County and 98% Denver. Contested House District 9, while multi-county, is roughly 7% in Arapahoe County and 93% in Denver County (in both cases based upon 2006 general election turnout numbers).

Based upon 2004 general election turnout numbers, contested Senate District 35 is roughly 4% in Araphahoe County and 96% in Denver.

Dan Willis also adds some comments pertinent to potential efforts to petition onto the August 12, 2008 primary ballot in Denver races at Colorado Pols:

In HD 2:

James Johnson got better than 10% so he has the option to petition. Alan Black missed the 10% threshold so the petition route is now closed to him.

In HD 4:

Jerry Frangas faced a nominal challege from Russell Greear but took nearly all the votes so Greear is out.

In HD 6:

Josh Hanfling announced previously he would petition and Audrey Newman still has that option available to her if she wishes to use it.

In HD 7:

Terrance Carroll was challenged by Renee Blanchard. Terrance recevied 90% of the vote. I'll have to double check the math, but I believe Renee can attempt to petition if she wants.

In HD 9:

A third candidate, Scott Bates, did not reach the 15% threshold for delegates but he is still free to petition if he so desires.

On the Republican Side:

Neither the State nor Denver County Republican Party have reported results other than state delegates from their March 1 county assembly in Denver, or give dates for House District and Senate District assemblies.

The Colorado Secretary of State notes the following Republican candidates this election cycle in Denver HDs and SDs: House District 5 (J.J. Swiantek) and House District 7 (Joshua Raines), both of which are historically quite safe Democratic Party seats. House District 5 has 20,271 registered Democrats, 19,691 registered unaffiliated, 7,132 registered Republicans, 228 registered Libertarians, 195 registered Greens, and 1 registered Reform party member (as of January 2007), a 3-1 ratio. House District 7 has 22,588 Democrats, 16,108 unaffiliated, 7,006 Republicans, 88 Libertarians, and 50 Greens, a 3-1 ratio with fewer unaffiliateds.

There you have it, all the news that's fit to print on this weekend's developments in Denver primary or general election races of the Colorado House and Colorado Senate and for Denver's DA. I'm not aware of anyone challenging Diana DeGette in the 1st Congressional District race at this time, either among Democrats or Republicans.

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