17 March 2008

Proof That Our Society Is Secular

Wendy's has been running a radio ad for the past few weeks arguing that rather than saying that something is as American as baseball and apple pie, that they should say something is as American as bacon and cheese.

Bacon and cheese are, of course, forbidden to Jews who make any effort to keep kosher, Seventh Day Adventists, observant Muslims, vegans, vegetarians, and Catholics who are honoring Lenten discipline (the ads have been airing during Lent -- yesterday was Palm Sunday, this week is Holy Week in addition to today being St. Patrick's Day, and this Sunday is Easter). I'm sure I've missed some others who are forbidden to enjoy this cholesterol laden treat (which I rather like myself).

Yet, I have not heard a peep of outrage or complaint, and the ads are far too saccharine to carry any trace of intentional ill will to anyone. Our society is sufficient secular that we are all oblivious to this humorous claim made in the name of all Americans.

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