31 March 2008

VA PETA Shelter Kills Most Dogs Received

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is known for its hard line opposition to fur clothing and other economic uses of animals. It also runs an animal shelter in Norfolk, Virginia where the organization is based. But, that shelter killed 97.4% of the animals it received in 2006.

PETA has threatened legal action against bloggers who have characterized that high kill rate (higher than most other Virginia animal shelters), in a manner other than they way they would like it to be characterized. PETA has taken the position that it is more humane to kill animals that are "unadoptable" and that almost all of the animals it receives fit this characterization. The notion that mere unadoptibility is a sufficient ground for killing an animal is a philosophy not easily reconciled with the organization's mission and stances on other fronts.

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an animal life said...

peta kills healthy dogs and adopts out sick ones.

In peta-speak:

Definition of "Unadoptable"
Fit, healthy, and cute with no serious behaviour issues.

Definition of "Highly adoptable" Pregnant, emaciated, filthy, suffering from heartworm disease, and riddled with bird shot.

Here's the story of the sick dog they adopted out.