14 July 2008

AC-130 Replacement Proposed.

U.S. Special Operations forces are looking into replacing the AC-130 gunship, a military C-130 transport plane variant with a 105mm howitzer and other arms designed for air to ground close air support, with a modified C-27B, a small transport based upon but smaller than the C-130, which was recently added to U.S. service. The new plane would have special sensors, Hellfire missiles like those on attack helicopter and Predator drones (in lieu of a howitzer which has excessive recoil for the small plane and is the largest slug thrower used on any aircraft at this time) and 30 mm guns.

The existing AC-130s are aging beyond the point of no return without a costly overhaul. The average AC-130 in the existing fleet is more than 41 years old.

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