22 July 2008

Colorado's Law Prof Blogger Shortage

Not a single law professor in Colorado blogs according to the most comprehensive census of law professor bloggers in existence.

Those of us outside academe will continue to pick up the slack.


Steve Balboni said...

Is Paul Campos no longer a professor at CU?

My former Corporations prof, Jay Brown, blogs as well I believe.

Anonymous said...

yeah he does, posts several times daily.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments mentioning my blog. For those interested, The Race to the Bottom (www.theracetothebottom.org) was just invited to be archived by The Library of Congress in its collection of "authoritative" law blogs. There is a post about it here: http://www.theracetothebottom.org/home/the-race-to-the-bottom-and-the-library-of-congress.html

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Great. We will have to get you on the law prof blog census as well.