06 July 2008

Making History

Today, for the first time since well before my father was born (Colorado went dry even before prohibition was enacted), it was legal to buy liquor and wine and real beer on a Sunday in Colorado. I've refrained (with one exception for a wedding present for someone who works in my building) from buying any since the law was enacted to partake of history today in a big way, at the Argonaut liquor store in Denver. Thank you Jennifer Veiga (my state senator and the bill's sponsor)!

The Rocky Mountain News appropriately, also editorialized in favor of ending Colorado's law blue law, the one banning car sales on Sunday. Ironically, its survival is attributable, in part, to the fact that it wasn't really a religiously motivated law when it was enacted in the 1950s, and remains a bit to cut costs and get time off today.


Dave Barnes said...

1. Time for allowing Sunday car sales. Buy your booze and then buy a car and drive drunk. I am so ready.

2. Abolish the idiotic 3-tier alcoholic beverage system. Let liquor stores buy direct from wineries in California.

3. Abolish the car dealer franchise system and let us buy cars directly from the manufacturer.

4. Allow lay-abiding citizens to openly pack heat in Denver. Why should it be legal to carry a concealed weapon and illegal to carry one openly?

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

ITA with #2 to the extent required by law. I doubt the system would go, however, even if any legal compulsion were abolished. It is driven mostly by economics.

#3 is within the realm of the possible without government action. IIRC, both GM's Saturn division, and some foreign entrants to the U.S. market initial began with a system of company owned stores.

#4 Hell no. This would create widespread panic. Open carry in public places is just short of a threat in so many circumstances.