02 July 2008

Taser Loses Lawsuit

The maker of the Taser, a less lethal weapons that shocks and immobilizes its targets with electrodes, lost a $6.2 million product liability lawsuit in California on Friday. This is the first time that the company has lost any of the many product liability suits brought against it. The ACLU, including the Colorado branch, has expressed long standing concerns that Tasers are overused by police officers in situations where less dangerous force is appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Quite interesting. I wrote a post here just a few days ago about the guitarist of my favorite band (Rush) having been Tasered *repeatedly* (See the July 1 entry). I know how you feel about police brutality, based on many of your prior posts.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks for the heads up.

As for the guitarist, they were big when I was in junior high and bought their cassettes, so that means that he has to be seriously middle aged now (and aren't they from Canada, the land of peace, order and good government?). I guess rock band guitarists is not the way to develop an ordinary later life.

Anonymous said...

Big when you were in Junior High? Dude, they're "big," today. Unlike other groups that some might hastily categorize them into (e.g., Van Halen, Yes, Genisis, Peter Frampton, et al.), Rush has remained together for 33 years, faithfully putting out albums of their unique "prog rock" music every 2-3 years on average and earning rave reviews and maintaining a world following of largely musician-fans. They're in the mid-fifties, as you noted. The bassist, Geddy Lee (Gary Weinrib) is regarded by most as the "greatest" in the world (if that's even possible to ascertain); the drummer (Neil Peart) is regarded as the greatest in the worlds (if that, too, is even possible). The guitarist, Alex Lifeson (Alex Zivojinovich) is regarded by most as "among the greatest" rock guitarists in the world. http://Rush.com Folks that haven't heard them since high school (or the eighties) have no idea what they've been missing all these years. Don't let FM radio determine what's "bit" !!