06 November 2008

The Elastic Demand For Domain Names

The Intellectual Property Constituency of ICANN sent around an email this morning suggesing that at first glance, the registry monthly reports for July, the first month in which ICANN instituted a .20 fee on all domain name registrations in order to cut down on the practice of 'domain tasting' (the registration of domain names for 5 days without a fee), there has been an 84% decrease in domain names deleted after the 5 day grace period.

From here.

I've frequently pondered the similar question of whether we could achieve a socially and environmentally beneficial dramatic reduction in junk snail mail by imposing a quite modest surcharge on bulk rate mail. Every time postage rate increases are proposed, bulk mailers assure us that a few extra cents a piece will kill the industry, but every time that the rate actually go up, the mailings seem to continue unabated, so perhaps not.

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