29 November 2008

Over The Tarmac And Through The T

My brother, his wife, and infant daughter live in Boston. The family gathered there for Thanksgiving and we have ten for dinner. We our now in the fourth day of our visit. No one has rented cars, my brothers car hasn't moved since we arrived, and the only one to make a car trip, to and from the house, was a guest from Western Massachusetts.

We flew in and took the T (their subway) to his home in the shadow of the Boston's Sam Adams Brewery. We walked for a quick missing grocery run.

I was asked a little while before I left which Denver neighborhood is most like Boston. After some meditation after arriving, I've decided that the closest match (cheating a little) is actually Breckenridge. Its streets, while not the truly irregular mix of Boston, are also not the Manhattan matrix of Denver, and its housing with lots of three story condominiums built to look like single family homes is typical of much of Boston. The little shops with high end eclectic offerings are also similar, and of course, Breckenridge gets a far more Bostonian measure of moisture than desert Denver.

We were going against the grain. The Boston-Logan airport appeared to have much more outgoing traffic than incoming at the start of the long weekend. Most people go to grandmother's house over and through the woods, instead of grandchild's house, over the tarmac and through the T. But, it is no less pleasing, even though my brother, unlike one of my cousins who has 4600 square feet of house, doesn't exactly have a great deal of space for us in his two bedroom condominium.

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