25 November 2008

More Wet Kisses For Denver

Continuing my prior post Wet Kisses For Denver:

28. There is apparently some secret city regulation in Denver proclaiming that all baristas must be either handsome or gorgeous.
29. Direct flights to everywhere from DIA with prices kept in check by an absence of a dominant carrier.
30. Excellent people watching opportunities.
31. Tattered Cover and Borders book stores in easy range.
32. An abundance of landmark public artworks produced by a requirement that 1% of public building projects be dedicated to art.
33. Wash Park, Commons Park, Alamo Placita, City of Brest, Mir, Harvard Gulch, City Park, and a host of other neighborhood defining parks.
34. There are enough non-Christians (e.g. Jews, Muslims, Unitarians, pagans, atheists), and atypical Christian (e.g. Ethiopian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Metropolitan Church, Mormon, Community of Christ, Christian Scientist, Friends, Mennonites), and there is enough religious diversity among those who remain, to prevent religious hegemony from taking hold.
35. There are people who drive Smart Cars and plug in electric cars here.
36. We have urban gardens, beekeepers in the city, friends who keep chickens in the backyard (in Denver proper) and a colleague who has two live turkeys in her backyard (in Brighton).
37. We are within an easy drive of the highest elevation yatch club in the world in Frisco.
38. We have good sushi.
39. We have Korean, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Jewish and Mexican grocery stores, in addition to five competing companies offer conventional grocery stores (three union and two non-union), two wholesale grocery stores (Costco and Sam's Club), and four natural food grocery store chains.
40. The Denver Chamber of Commerce is one of the most political moderate in the nation. Many local businesses support Democrats (except the strip clubs -- the owner of both Shotgun Willies and the Penthouse Club in Glendale took public positions in favor of McCain presumably because he had the strongest pro-adultery credentials).
41. A majority of Denver voters favor decriminalizing marijuana.
42. Somebody wants to create a City of Denver extraterrestrial commission, and it might very well end up on the ballot.
43. We counted more than 90% of our provisional ballots.
44. The Columbus Day parade usually attracts more protesters than the annual gay rights march.
45. We are known for our foam art.
46. We have a public radio station that plays classical music, a public radio station that plays jazz, a public radio station that plays folk music, and a public radio station that plays rock.
47. We brought the world Chipolte and Good Times.
48. We are home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory just down the road from the Colorado School of Mines.
49. Focus on the Family just laid off boatloads of people.
50. Our City owns ski resorts, Buffalo grazing areas, golf courses and minature golf courses.
51. We have been here for 150 years and we will be here stronger and better for the next 150 years.


Dex said...

52. sexy sexy bloggin'!

Dave Barnes said...

re: #47

And, Smashburger. http://mysmashburger.com/

And, Garbanzo. http://www.eatgarbanzo.com

And, Tokyo Joe's. http://tokyojoes.com