14 November 2008


I like the American Association of University Women. My mother was a member. But, their campaigning savvy leaves something to be desired. Today, November 14, 2008, I received in the mail a postcard from them saying:

On Tuesday, Nov. 4 AAUW of Colorado encourages you to vote NO on Amendment 46.

I did, but it is a bit late to ask. Given that it was sent from the 802XX mailing area by pre-sort, it must have been mailed after the election was over. Heck, in Colorado, given the percentage of people who vote early or by mail, it would have been late if it arrived the day before the election.


Dave Barnes said...

not savy

Anonymous said...

Maybe they got a good deal from the bulk mailer if they waited until after the rush!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. Think about it. Do you really think any group would purposely mail something to arrive after the election? More likely there was a problem at the mail house or the post office that was beyond their control.

Anonymous said...

I’m pleased to hear that you “like the American Association of University Women,” and that your mother was an AAUW member. But I’m disappointed that you’ve jumped immediately to the conclusion that AAUW is politically unsavvy because our postcard arrived late -- without stopping to consider why that might have happened. The postcard you received was mailed on Monday Oct. 27 by pre-sorted first class mail. According to the U.S. Postal Service, that should have been plenty of time for you to receive it later that week, close enough to the election to assist with get-out-the vote efforts. The postcard's late arrival -- almost three full weeks after we mailed it -- is the fault of the U.S. Postal Service, not any action taken by AAUW.

Seth Chase
Field Director
Public Policy and Government Relations
American Association of University Women

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I see your point -- and it's certainly easy to make fun of them. But I got mine on time -- and I voted NO! :) So surely they weren't meant to be late -- we all got some much stuff in the mail this election season, I bet the mail just got backed up.