06 November 2008

Federal Elections Crib Sheet

U.S. House of Representatives (255D-175R 5 toss ups Dems +19):

Democratic Pick Ups: VA-2 VA-11 OH-1 ID-1 OH-16 AL-2 AZ-1 CO-4 CT-4 FL-24 FL-8 IL-11 MI-7 MI-9 NV-3 NJ-3 NM-1 NM-2 NY-13 NY-25 NY-29 NC-8 PA-3

Republican Pick Ups: FL-16 KS-2 LA-6 TX-22

Toss Ups (Seat, Dem, GOP):
Alaska (AL) Berkowitz 96,929 Young 113,816 (99%)
California (4) Brown 155,320 McClintock 155,771 (100%)
Maryland (1) Kratovil 160,915 Harris 160,000 (100%)
Virginia (5) Perriello 157,456 Goode 157,375 (100%)
Washington (8) Burner 93,368 Reichert 95,221 (55%)

U.S. Senate (57D+I-40R Dems +6, 3 tossups):

Of the two independents that caucus with the Democrats, one of them Joe Lieberman (CT) seems likely to lose a committee seat or to be kicked out of the Democratic caucus. A decision will likey be made in mid-November. In the case of a tie vote, Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, will break the tie.

Dem Pickups: CO, NH, NM, NC, OR, VA

GOP Pickups: None

Toss Ups (Seat, Dem, GOP):
Alaska Begich 47% Stevens 48% (99%)
Georgia Martin 46% Chambliss 50% (99%) Runoff
Minnesota Franken 42% Coleman 42% (99%) Recount

Final Presidential results are here. The total is 364-163, but Obama looks likely to pick up 1 more electoral vote from Nebraska, while McCain looks likely to pick up 11 more electoral votes from Missouri. A map is here.

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