13 April 2009

Comments On Commentary

Libertarian Denver Post commentator David Harsanyi notes in his April 9 column that many of the leading predominantly Muslim nations in the world have regimes with values that are often antithetical to those that define America. While he does not argue for war with these nations or for widespread efforts to reform them, he is worried that the U.S. may be too apologetic for past criticism of these nations which they have roundly deserved.

Meanwhile, Natalie Costanza-Chavez, in her Grace Notes column on Easter Sunday is at her usual touching and poetic best, muses on how "we give each other the heaved-sigh of 'this will cost me time and effort and heartache' as we plunge along into it anyway. We give each other the messy inconvenience of small salvations. We give." Sometimes hope and mercy and compassion triumph over reasons rightly, even when a case is probably a lost cause.

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