20 April 2009

Veiga Vacancy Race In Full Swing

Jennifer Veiga, the incumbent candidate in Colorado State Senate District 31 (which included parts of western Denver and Southern Adams County), won't resign her seat (bound for Australia to be closer to her partner's aging parent) for a couple of weeks. But, the race to fill her seat is in full swing.

Multiple candidates are appearing at my door step and call me on my phone. No one has yet established a position as a clear favorite. In contrast, Veiga was the clear favorite when she filled the vacancy left by Doug Linkhart's departure for Denver's city council, as a sitting Colorado General Assembly representative in House District 3 which overlaps with Senate District 31.

The race is not quite as intense as the ten day mad rush to fill the vacancy in House District 3, in which Daniel Kagan ultimately prevailed. It also seems to be a more collegial race. Neither candidates nor proxies have gone negative yet. Enthusiasm, a commitment to progressive values including gay rights, and fidelity to the democratic base seem to be the main pitch points for just about everyone running, although there are variations on the theme, of course.

I'm not ready to do a candidate by candidate analysis yet. Quite frankly, I'm not even sure what I most want to see in a candidate myself. The right values, the personal qualities needed to be effective in the general assembly, and an ability to hold the seat in an election once running as an incumbent all matter.

There isn't a rush, so I'll pop myself some popcorn and take in the show for a while, before thinking hard about who to vote for in the end.

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