02 April 2009

Dan Willis Out Of Politics?

Past Democratic Party of Denver Secretary, blogger and Denver political institution Dan Willis has announced that he plans on disengaging completely from politics, effective immediately, after a quarter of a century of intense involvement in Democratic Party politics.

This is stunning, and the announcement comes suspiciously close in time to April Fool's Day, but appears sincere. I will miss his insights (even though we haven't always agreed on every single point -- who does in politics?), hope to hear from him in the future in other elements of his life, and wish him the best in his new endeavors. I've made some big shifts in my life before, like the year I applied to law school out of the blue, ditched my beard and waist length hair, and got engaged to be married, so I can understand what it is like to make radical changes in your life. I will assume that this is for the best.

A mention of this blog post by its subject is good for one free beer, in exchange for an off the record back story.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Update: Dan is working on a book about the descendants of Russian royalty and then going back to school to study planetary astronomy.