20 April 2009

Denver Drought Averted

The heavy spring snow and rain this past few days has brought Denver from being woefully short (about 60% short) of precipitation this year, to a little over the norm for the year to date. It has also topped up the snow pack in the South Platte River Valley in which we reside, which had been modestly below average going into the storm (about 3%).

Thus, the odds are now good that we will escape drought this year in Denver. The fact that this all changed in a few days illustrates that precariousness of our situation. Our moisture comes in brief, infrequent and intense bouts. One storm can make or break us for the year. This year we got lucky.


Michael Malak said...

My gutters didn't get lucky. $58 in repairs.

Dave Barnes said...

All we have to do is buy out the water rights of the poor farmers to our east and we will have plenty of water.

Remember, water flows uphill to money.

If they won't sell, the we need watch Chinatown again and take notes.