08 September 2009

At Least It's Not Your School District

Conservatives have different ideas than the rest of us about what calls for parental permission.

Ky. school trip included baptisms

By Andrew Wolfson, The (Louisville) Courier Journal

LOUISVILLE — A mother is angry about a trip led by the head football coach at Breckinridge County High School. The coach took about 20 players on a school bus late last month to his church, where nearly half of them — including her son — were baptized.

Michelle Ammons said her 16-year-old son was baptized without her knowledge and consent, and she is upset that a public school bus was used to take players to a church service — and that the school district's superintendent was there and did not object.

"Nobody should push their faith on anybody else," said Ammons, whose son, Robert Coffey, said Coach Scott Mooney told him and other players that the Aug. 26 outing would include only a motivational speaker and a free steak dinner.

Yet, in the same school district:

The students who watched the president's speech today had to get a note signed by their parents that said they could watch it.

Maybe there was an exception to the rule requiring a note for baptised football players.

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