16 September 2009

Is Macroeconomics Worthless?

Economist's View has a neat summary of the articles on the question of whether there are deep flaws in the discipline of macroeconomics.


Anonymous said...

Another spot on article.

DUI's are a great example of this probation madness. It's basically used as a punitive process, not rehabilitative. This state and many others spends millions monitoring and tracking non-violent first offense dui offenders. All dui offenders are treated the same, so the offenders with serious alcohol issues get lumped in with the folks who had two more glasses of wine than they should have. Because of this it deletes the effectiveness of the process. With both types of "clients" being done a great disservice because of it.

There is a big difference between a first offense dui offender clocked a 1.0 and a 4th offense dui offender clocked a 1.9, resisting arrest, assault and required to be on antabuse. But the system treats them all the same.

We give way too much authority to probation officers, who are the lowest (and probably the weakest and least qualified) link in the legal chain. Basically, if they don't like you, they can make your life hell. I'm honestly quite surprised that more probation officers aren't assaulted and killed.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

I am leaving this comment up. It is clearly intended to be a comment to the previous post entitled "Against Probation."