24 September 2009

Denver's 2009 General Election Ballot

The General Election ballot in 2009 for Denver will be conducted by entirely by mail, and will go out around Columbus Day in October. The School Board District lines can be found here.


Deborah Sims Fard
Christopher Scott
Mary Seawell

District 2 (SW Denver):
Ismael Garcia
Andrea Merida

District 3 (Central/East Denver)
Jeanne Kaplan

District 4 (NW Denver)
Alton Clark
Nathaniel Easley
Vernon Jones
Andrea Mosby
Jacqueline Shumway


Initiative 100: Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver adopt an ordinance amending the Denver Revised Municipal Code and in connection therewith, requiring immediate impoundment of a vehicle when the driver is driving without a valid operator's or chauffeur's license, or driving contrary to the restrictions imposed upon their license, or driving while their license has been denied, suspended, canceled or revoked, or when a driver of a vehicle is an illegal alien, while mandating the issuance of a summons without requiring the immediate impoundment of a vehicle when a validly licensed driver does not have such license in their immediate possession but has corroborating identification and proof of insurance, and allowing bond exemptions for rental cars, stolen vehicles, expired licenses renewed within 20 days, and lien holders when vehicles were sold to validly licensed drivers?

Via Denver Pols

I live in School Board District 1, which is not up for consideration this year. The other two East side School Board District 3 and 5 also do not involve contested elections this year. Those of us who live in East Denver will be deciding only the At Large School Board race and the Denver Municipal Ballot Initiative. Those who live in West Denver will also be voting in one of two contested school board races for their district.

I will look at the candidates in the three contested school board races in a future post. These races are officially non-partisan, although some of the candidates have a history of involvement in partisan politics.

I oppose Initiative 100. Zero tolerance policies (e.g. the $2,500 fee and mandatory impoundment apply even when you actually are a valid driver but don't have a license on your person) are bad policy, and we don't need to get Denver's traffic court into the business of conducting immigration hearings. This is a policy on how police operate and the municipal impoundment lot runs that the City, it officials and its police do not support.


Anonymous said...

The impound initiative is "Initiative 300" this time 'round.

Matt Plavnick said...

Hey Andrew. Denver Elections confirms that the "impound initiative" is Initiative 300 on the fall ballot. Would you consider an update/correction to the post, just to help get the accurate info out there for folks who are looking online for answers about this year's ballot?