24 September 2009

Wellington Webb Bound For UN

Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb has been nominated to be a public delegate to the United Nations General Assembly. It isn't a traditional ambassordorship, but we hear that life is quite civilized in New York City, where the UN meets, despite the fact that rents are way down there. So, the hardships of foreign service in the Third World can be avoided.

Also, notably, since this Presidential nomination would traditionally have to be cleared by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Webb has shown that he was able to make it through the hard fought 2008 Presidential primary without long to harm to his relationship with either of the contenders for the Democratic nomination.


Michael Ditto said...

Webb was a national co-chair on the Clinton campaign, so I don't think SOS Clinton would have been an issue. My guess would be that she recommended him for the post.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

The thought was that Obama could have been reluctant to appoint Clinton supporters in favor of those who supported his own campaign, although Webb's appointment as a Presidential elector was probably proof of healed wounds.