22 September 2009

The Geography of Health Insurance in Colorado

About 17% of Colorado residents don't have health insurance. It is more than 22% in Denver and more than 23% in Aurora. Moreover, there are likely widespread disparities within both Denver and Aurora. So, while access to health care is widespread in many parts of the state, in a significant number of Denver and Aurora neighborhoods a very large percentage of the population has limited access to health care.

This suggest that subsidized neighborhood clinics may be a more fruitful option than would have been clear otherwise, and the local government may have a bigger role in expanding access to health care (a problem that will persist if undocumented immigrants continue to lack it) than many would have thought.

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broker Lorne said...

I believe it is a shame that today - come on, you can insure anything, even the weather or your wedding - so many people have no health insurance at all. It seriously needs to change.