03 December 2009

4300 Posts

The flu, and then the backlog of must do work that piled up while I was sick, has kept my posting down for the last few weeks, but 4300 posts seemed like it was worth noting.

It also has kept me out of touch with the news. Emerging from the haze after a few weeks of near total media blackout for any reason (vacations can have the same result), always feels a little weird. Every once and a while a headline peeks through, but it seems disjointed and incomplete without a larger context. No wonder apolitical independents seem so disoriented when it comes time for them to participate in political process or opinion polls.

I remain mystified, with a handful of exceptions, when I try to find rhyme or reason for why some of my posts produce comments or links at other blogs, and others generate no feedback.

I am mildly alarmed that I can't seem to get Taylor Swift tunes out of my head, and have recently and on multiple occasions worn a cowboy hat (together with a leather jacket) for practical purposes, having misplaced my usual knit cap. As much I love living in Denver, I can't imagine that I have really culturally become a part of the cowboy west. It's probably just a fluke, as I feel absolutely no desire to buy a pickup, wear high boots, ride horses, drink whiskey, own a gun, line dance or get a dog.

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Dave Barnes said...

New Orleans is doomed.