11 December 2009

Goodbye 80203, Hello 80209

I have practiced law for a little more than four years at 837 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203 in Denver's capital hill. The charming, more than a century old, converted mansion had its virtues. But, my needs have changed. I don't need to be convenient to the state capital any more, and in an era where court documents are exchanged electronically and many minor hearings are conducted by telephone, I don't need to be convenient to the courts either. Equally important, I simply don't need so much space, but would like to have more free parking available for clients. If you would like capital hill office space, I hear that there is still some available there.

So, next week, I will start practicing law (as a sole practitioner) at a new office located at 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 575, Denver, Colorado 80209. For those familiar with the area, the directions are simple. Go to DazBog. Get on the nearest elevator. Go up four floors. Follow the arrow on the sign with my name on it.

Also, I live in 80209 and actually bought my home, in part, to be convenient to an office building just down the street, where I worked at the time. So this makes sense personally for me.

This, alas, will mean less time at my beloved Avianos between 8th and 9th on Lincoln. But, sometimes life offers hard choices and it isn't as if I can't visit sometimes.

Note To Anonymous Bloggers: If you are an anonymous blogger, don't make posts like this one.


Unknown said...

Welcome to 80209... it might not be quite like downtown, or even the famed 90210, but I think it's central location and convenient location to your home will make it a great fit for you.

andrew said...

Incidentally, I am now back in 80203 on Sherman Street, although my current address is 1775 Sherman Street, Suite 2015, Denver, Colorado 80203.

Avianos relocated to Cherry Creek North, due to construction defect related lease issues in the Beauvillions where it was previously located.