21 December 2009

Why Encourage Carry On Luggage?

Airlines don't charge for carry on luggage, but most airlines do charge for checked luggage. While I understand the desire to raise more revenue, I don't understand why an airline would want to encourage carry on luggage, in preferrence to checks luggage. Planes are built to carry checked luggage, as long as someone checks luggage you still have to keep all the fixed costs associated with having checked luggage, and carry on luggage can reduce passenger satisfaction, reduce safety and slows down departures and arrivals. Carry on luggage also increases TSA burdens and security line lengths.

Why don't airlines increasing ticket prices and then offer discounts if you check luggage rather than the full allotment of carry on luggage, instead?


Dave Barnes said...

Michael O'Leary says: "Our fares so fucking cheap you should buy what you need at your destination."

And, "Ryanair Will Abolish Checked Luggage to Reduce Costs"

John said...

I agree with Dave what he commented on this post we should buy what we need at our destination. But, If those things which cheap here and costly and our destination where we are going then what ???

community college - Where I am going for my further education.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Shopping is a cost too, especially on a short trip.