28 December 2009


Congratulations to Carla Speed McNeil, whose long running webcomic Finder won the 2009 Eisner award for webcomics, the first year that the category has existed in these comic industry dominated awards where the big two comic publishers (Marvel and DC Comics) have squeezed out many independent authors.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the webcomic category has been around for several years now. And the Eisners probably have more indy and alternative titles and creators nominated each year than any other major comics awards program.

Jackie Estrada
Eisner Awards Administrator

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

On the first point, I stand corrected. I had been looking at a list of award winners that didn't show webcomic awards in earlier years.

On the second point, my main reference points are several webcomic awards which are highly skewed towards indie titles, and non-comic awards for published works (e.g. books, poetry) which are far less dominanted by a small number of players. The Eisner awards have recognized a number of independent titles in the past few years, however, and deserve credit for that.

Also, of course, I recognize that some of the dominance of the big two on the award lists is governed by the structure of the industry. You see similar issues in newspaper awards in the biggest circulation categories from the Society of Professional Journalists.

It is nice to be noticed.