30 December 2009

Calling All Blackberry Gurus

Other than my laptop, the most critical piece of equipment in my law practice, is my Blackberry. It has an annoying quirk of late, that it didn't have previously and that is a daily annoyance.

I need some sort of password on it. Otherwise I end up making "pocket phone" calls to people and losing it is far more of a worry. But, an ideal Blackberry password is short (because you have to type it with an itty bity keyboard multiple times a day), and stays the same (so you don't forget it and shut yourself out).

I can figure out how to turn off the password entirely. But, if it is activated, it insists that I change it every week and have more than five characters in each password.

Once upon a time (i.e. before November), I managed with a single four letter password for years. Any suggestions out there?


Dave Barnes said...

Switch to the iPhone.

Dave Barnes said...

Maybe help at http://cit.nih.gov/NR/exeres/C2226FDD-8D80-40B0-8623-699B1A485FD2,frameless.htm

Dave Barnes said...

Did you look here?