18 May 2010


* Three cheers for the Washington Park Green Vipers soccer team (Denver Rec Center League, ages 9-10) who pulled off an undefeated season for the honor of Washington Park against worth competing teams all over Denver including our neighbor to the South, Harvard Gulch (let's face it, the snobby "Harvard" and the folksy "Gulch" just do not belong together in the same proper name).

* Credit where credit is due for Ken Salazar, who in his capacity as Secretary of Interior approved an off shore wind farm that will provide electricity to much of Cape Cod. The opposition of Nantuckers to this proposal was very odd.

* Thank you to all of the primary voters in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arkansas and various other places (but not Colorado) for taking the time to decide the fate of our nation. Frequently primary elections matter more than the general election.

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