16 August 2010

Aviano Coffee Follows Me To Cherry Creek

A little less than a year ago, I had an office in Denver's Capitol Hill, from which I frequented Aviano Coffee. I moved, seeking a greener pasture in Cherry Creek, and knowing that my haunt was soon to close.

Few coffee shops had such a well appointed space, were run with an attention to customer service from unsinkable owner Doug Naiman, and were notable for baristas who take their work seriously and looked to a one like they could be undercover angels. But, construction defects in the building, the Beauvallon, that was their Lincoln Avenue address led to a foreclosure of their landlord. The bank that took over ownership of the space wouldn't renew the lease as they wanted to gut and renovate it. This force Aviano Coffee to closed in April and find a new home.

They have resurfaced, as I have, in the Cherry Creek neighborhood at 3031 East Second Avenue, which is a joy. I had feared that the business would die when they lost their old space.

Aviano Coffee replaces a Denver-based Peaberry Coffee shop that closed in the location, which is fine, as Peaberry, while serviceable, was not one of the most inspired coffee shops in Denver. Aviano, in contrast, with its stunning foam art creations and exquisite attention to detail as it presses its espresso, deserves the discriminating and affluent customer base that this prime Cherry Creek North location has to offer it.

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T.R. Donoghue said...

Excellent. Glad to hear that space is going to be a coffee shop again and a very good coffee shop taboot.