23 August 2010

Enik Rising

Add Enik Rising to the list of blogs you regularly read on Colorado politics. Denver based author Seth Masket is "a political scientist who specializes in state politics and political parties." The content can be a bit dry and has an inside baseball flavor, but if you're into that kind of thing, that's great. The blog is three years old and I don't know how it managed to evade my active notice so far.

I was impressed, for example, by a post noting that poor and working class people who are strong supporters of Obama were greatly underrepresented in the Presidential election.

He's also published a interesting book with the University of Michigan Press (2009) called: "No Middle Ground: How Informal Party Organizations Control Nominations and Polarize Legislatures."

Colorado, where political parties have a stronger than usual influence on the nomination process in state legislatures, is surely a good case study for his research.

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T.R. Donoghue said...

Couldn't agree more. Seth has been a must-read of mine for some time now. He has also broader recognition from prominent publications and bloggers for his work. Particularly for his post which explored the relationship between unemployment rate and a President's party's mid-term results.