23 August 2010

Embattled Denver Safety Manager Resigns

Newly appointed Denver Manager of Safety Ron Perea has resigned effective August 31 after his slap on the wrist sanctions for police officers who lied in reports about police brutality received media attention and public protests.

Perea, an outside hire from a Secret Service appointment, never understood how important reining in police misconduct was in Denver, or how deeply he was damaging hard fought gains from the previous administration on that front. Community relations is not, of course, the first priority of the Secret Service which is primarily in the business of preventing Presidential assassinations in service of the federal government. His inability to be honest with the public was revealed in his gross mishandling of a meeting held last week to allow public input on the disciplinary decision made about a videotaped case of police brutality about which an officer and his partner lied.

His decision to resign has eased the horrible political anchor he has placed on his boss, Mayor and Gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper, and limited the harm that his lack of leadership was doing to the good discipline of the police force and the faith of the public in its police force.

Simply put, Ron Perea had quickly proved himself too clueless to do his job well.

Deputy Manager of Safety Mary Malatesta will take over as interim Manager of Safety. Perhaps, duly chastened by her predecessor's failure, she can do a better job of protecting the people of Denver from bad cops, who while surely a minority of the force are capable of doing immense harm to the public in any number.


Dave Barnes said...

I am disappointed that John did not fire Ron while publicly removing his gonads.

Bhanu Tiwari said...
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