16 August 2010

More Heavy Particle Decay Asymmetry

The decay asymmetries of top quarks, and of charm quarks and W particles are significantly out of line with the amount predicted by theory.

This, together with B meson asymmetries that a presumed to be associated with strange quark decay, previously blogged here at the pre-print stage, suggests that the differences between the behavior of heavy fundamental particles and their anti-matter equivalents may be more pervasive than experimental evidence has previously suggested.

The general observation appears to be that heavier fundamental particles in the Standard Model appear to generically show stronger asymmetries between matter and anti-matter than lighter fundamental particles in the Standard Model.

Since matter-antimatter asymmetries are equivalent to CP asymmetries, which are in turn equivalent to time asymmetries, the implication may be that mass has an impact not just on the rate at which time progresses, as general relativity makes clear, but also on the strength of the forward arrow of time, a phenomena not predicted by general relativity.

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