05 April 2016

Another Murderer Claims He Was Obeying God

Kevin Lee Lyons of Centennial, Colorado was convinced that God had his back as he came before a judge charged with shooting his wife and another woman (both of whom lived) and with shooting and killing a doctor who lived nearby and tried to stop him.

His motive is unclear, but given that one of the victims was his wife, it appears to be one of those all too common domestic violence incidents.  

For what it's worth, the Bible speaks favorably about domestic violence on numerous occasions, so he might be right about God being on his side. God's support probably isn't enough to acquit him, however, although he does seem to be angling for an insanity defense.


Unknown said...

With people like this in the world, why are you against law-abiding citizens carrying firearms?

No, they are not some magic totem that save you from harm...but they ARE a tool that COULD be used in many situations, including domestic violence.

andrew said...

Because the number of times that guns in the hands of civilians are misused, criminally, accidentally and suicidally far exceeds the number of times that they are used lawfully and appropriately. In particular, owning a gun makes a gun owner much more likely to be a victim than not owning a gun. For example, people who carry firearms to prevent them from being victims of domestic violence are much more likely to be victims of their own firearms than to successfully defend themselves.

Those "law-abiding citizens carrying firearms" are also, on average, much less psychologically fit than those who don't.