03 April 2016

Stopping For A Moment

A vile germ has had me at its mercy since Thursday night.  Apart from an hour delegating tasks and juggling my calendar, I've done nothing in the last seventy-five hours but sleep, writhe in coughing spats trying to sleep, listened to music, and soaked in phantasmagoric fever dreams.

But, there is something to stripping away all of the artifice and bustle, letting music seep into your very being, floating divorced from everything but emotion.

It is centering, in a way.  An emotional reset.  A consolation prize, at least.


Dave Barnes said...

I had it.
3 days of sleeping 20+ hours per day.
It last 2+ weeks altogether.
I blame it on Drumpf™.

andrew said...

Yup. No fun. Down with Drumpf™