28 April 2016

Life Imitates Art Again

It isn't unusual for the engineers who design military equipment to reference science fiction.  For example, a whole line of sniper detection devices used by the U.S. military have names that reference the science fiction/western hybrid series Firefly.  But, some defense industry engineers from China have taking the imitation of science fiction meme to a whole new level. 

They've decided that the world needs real life Daleks.

Daleks from the British Science Fiction comedy "Dr. Who".

China's new armed guard robot called the Anbot:
Edward Snowden, the U.S.’s most famous whistleblower, tweeted of the Anbot from Russia: “Surely this will end well.”
The Anbot will have either a Taser or electric cattle prod and will be used for guard duty, routine policing and riot control.

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