21 October 2016

Democrats Pumped, Republicans Not

Democrats may not be uniformly enthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton in particular, but they are enthusiastic about voting his year in Colorado in general.
Longtime Colorado political journalist Ernest Luning has been keeping track of ballot return figures via his Twitter account. This is not good for Republicans:
Ernest Lee Luning @eluning
Dems keep lead in CO statewide ballot returns thru 10/20: D-18,867; R-12,570; U-10,203  1/5https://twitter.com/eluning/status/789144937300267008 
9:26 AM - 21 Oct 2016 The last time that Democrats were this far ahead of Republicans in Colorado in early voting returns was…well, maybe never.
From here.

A solid Democratic lead in early voting is a sure sign that Democrats are excited by the election this year in Colorado and that Republicans are not.

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Dave Barnes said...

Stop wetting your panties.
It is very early.