17 October 2016

Frivolous Bits

* Over the weekend, my children finally dragged me into the future and got the entire family on Spotify Premium (previously one child had a paid account and the other had a free one). The amount of technology and legal coordination that goes into that service is astounding and I still have no idea precisely how options like the ability to download content onto a device work in terms of licensing arrangements and technological standards.

It does take more awareness of the music you like than a Pandora account, but a decade of attention to a Pandora station (which keeps meticulous records of your preferences) made that easier than it might have been.

* I also discovered an interesting new webcomic that is not connected to any of the usual web comic aggregator sites that I could discern featured on the Hiveworks webcomic aggregator site. It is called "Cut Time", is well drawn with a nice plot, and available here. It features the adventures of a magical blind girl who can see through the eyes of a familiar bird, a witch doctor, and a misfit heir of a noble house with no interest in the niceties that this position in society requires. Also, somebody is trying to kill the heir to the noble house.

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