08 November 2018

Unanimous Juries (corrected)

Before the election, there were only two states that allowed non-unanimous juries to convict people of felonies (a practice constitutionally authorized by the U.S. Supreme Court): Oregon Washington State and Louisiana. 

Now there is just one, Oregon Washington State, because Louisiana changed its law in a ballot issue that passed this past Tuesday.

It's time for Oregon Washington State to end its status as an outlier on this issue.

In Louisiana, 40% of exonerated criminal defendants were found guilty by non-unanimous juries.

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Dave Barnes said...

It is Oregon. What do you expect?
"Oregon did not ratify the 15th amendment until 1959 — one hundred years after the state joined the Union. It was a symbolic adoption as part of its centennial celebration. It did not re-ratify the 14th amendment until 1973."