15 December 2018

Additions To The "Blogroll"

I've added the Colorado Sun and the New York Times, two predominantly paid access news sources to which I have subscribed to the links in the margin that once upon a time used to be called a "blogroll", even though neither of these links (and many of the others) are not blogs.

A subscribe to the Colorado Sun because it is a hopeful project staffed with skilled professional journalists including a lot of alumni of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, that offers one of the best competitors to the Denver Post, which has seen a  steadily decreasing quality product for a steadily increasing price under a successor of short sited owners, most recently, a hedge fund with no journalistic integrity.

A subscribe to the New York Times because the quality of coverage of world and national news by other outlets has steadily declined, while the New York Times remains committed to publishing "All The News That's Fit To Print" and also has excellent commentary and cultural columns.

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