30 December 2018

The Secret To Flirting

From here (in reference to a scene in which an ex-girlfriend breaks into a guy's house and starts cooking him breakfast while wearing nothing but an apron in an effort to make up after cheating on him).

(Warning: The Breaking and Entering Method referred to, subsequently proved to be a total fail.)


neo said...

since u live in colorado

and u love science and politics and current events

do u have an opinion on who murdered JonBenet Ramsey?

parents brother or intruder?

what do you think of the dna and is it intruder or factory worker sneeze

andrew said...

I have no opinion of any kind on the Jon Benet Ramsey case, other than it was indeed a murder and that it is unsolved, and that it is possible that there were irregularities in the investigation. I doubt that it will ever be solved unless someone makes a death bed confession.

neo said...

i know you're very interested in fundamental physics.

crimes of course make use of forensic science.

how familiar are you with forensic science?

they did find DNA on Jonbenet that did not match the parents, on her panties.

I think it could in principle be solved by a CODIS hit on the DNA, or genealogical DNA like what was used to identify EARS ONS

andrew said...

I am quite familiar with forensic science and, indeed, there are a fair number of posts about it at this blog, although I haven't paid much attention to the evidence in this particular case. The possibility of a DNA match is always out there, but, one can imagine other sources of DNA that would not be incriminating (e.g. a female babysitter with no criminal history). And, a match to a non-parent also doesn't exonerate a parent because either or both parents could have made the child available to an adult rapist.

neo said...

the DNA was unknown male DNA, with 2 profiles on her long johns consistent with the profile on her panties.

some dispute whether the profiles are 1 person or more than 1.

the Carnes wolfe v Ramsey described unidentified shoe prints, fiber, hair, the ligature, tape all unsourced to the Ramsey's.

whether the Ramseys staged the scene and threw away the source material, or an intruder brought those items in.